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The importance of online security


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The importance of online security

One should not underestimate the importance of security when browsing online. After all, it’s not uncommon to find yourself plagued with malicious software that steals your data or corrupts your PC if you’re not on your guard and vigilant. The AVG Secure Browser is a unique browser designed to provide you with added protection. It comes with integrated security and privacy features that protect you from a wide range of threats without sacrificing browsing speed and efficiency.


AVG Secure Browser is built on the open-source project Chromium, ensuring that it comes with both the speed and familiarity of Chrome. The interface is almost identical to Google Chrome. The main difference is the AVG icon at the address bar. When clicked, this icon will redirect the user to a new tab that contains all of the security features that the AVG Secure Browser offers.


Websites are notorious for tracking information and storing data. The AVG Secure Browser’s various privacy features can help guard against these practices. Its Anti-tracking feature requests web services to stop tracking your online activity while the Anti-Fingerprinting feature makes your browser fingerprint more unique and less identifiable. The browser also has a Privacy Cleaner and Stealth Mode which both maintains your browsing history and prevents it from storing any cookies and junk that can compromise your privacy.


In addition to the privacy features, AVG Secure Browser also comes with realtime, round-the-clock security tools that can make your browsing experience much safer. The Extension Guard feature prevents third-party extensions from being installed unless they have been confirmed as trusted by the user. The Anti-Phishing and Bank Mode features block malicious websites and prevent keylogging to guard the user against their personal information from being stolen. AVG Secure Browser also comes with a Password Manager that lets the user login easily while also keeping their login credentials safe.


Thanks to its lightweight Chromium build, the AVG Secure Browser’s speed can definitely rival industry giants. However, it's built-in Adblock and Flash Block features can make it even faster. Adblock removes most ads from websites which makes web pages load faster. Flash Protect disables flash-based content which can take up computer resources and cause system slowdowns.

Miscellaneous Features

With the AVG Secure Browser, user’s will be able to control which websites can access their webcam thanks to its Webcam Guard features. The browser can also force HTTPS encryption on connections when browsing. Finally, the AVG Secure Browser also comes with a built-in video downloader, but it is not compatible with some websites.

Browse With Security

AVG’s mission to ensure the safety and security of its users continues with the AVG Secure Browser. Other AVG products such as the AVG Antivirus and AVG Secure VPN can be integrated seamlessly with the AVG Secure Browser for additional security. However, the AVG Secure Browser by itself offers enough protection online to at least guarantee a safe online browsing experience. Fast, secure, and intuitive, the AVG Secure Browser is definitely worth trying out.