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Handy tool for writers


Publisher Graeme Gott
Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
License Free
Handy tool for writers

FocusWriter is a word processor developed by Gott Code. This handy tool was designed to provide writers with a distraction-free environment to allow them to focus on their writing. Featuring only a piece of paper on a background, FocusWriter hides all of the unnecessary interface controls that could distract writers from actually working on their projects.

Hide-away Interface

FocusWriter's main selling point is its hide-away interface. Upon first launching the app, all users will see is a blank paper on a virtual writing desk. FocusWriter's window occupies the whole screen so users won't be able to see their taskbars or quick icons. Of course, FocusWriter still comes with commands. To access these commands, drag the mouse pointer to the edges of the window and the commands will appear. At the top, users will find the menu bar while at the bottom, they will find their open documents and daily goal progress. To the left and right, users will find bookmarks of their works.

Other Features

FocusWriter has an alarm system that will remind you to start working. You can also set a timer for yourself if you only have a limited time to write. Additionally, if you truly want to discipline yourself to write everyday, FocusWriter lets users set a daily writing goal where they have to write a certain amount of words each day.

Focus, Writer! 

FocusWriter is a great tool that would help writers forget about their distractions and really focus on their writing. It may be frustrating to have to look for commands when you need them, but that just adds to the program's effectiveness in keeping you from doing anything other than writing.