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Hacker Simulator

Learn What It Takes to Be a Hacker


Publisher RVL Games
Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8
License Trial version
Learn What It Takes to Be a Hacker

In this digital age, hacking has become a really useful skill. However, it's also very dangerous since most hackers usually deal with illegal activities. That said, it's still an interesting lifestyle that has captured the imagination of media creators from all forms of media, including video games. Hacker Simulator is a hacking-themed puzzle game developed by RVL Games.


In Hacking Simulator, you play as Alex D, a software programmer that moonlights as a professional hacker. During a hacking job, Alex D is caught by a German company called Duckman Corporation and is blackmailed into helping them clear their name, as they are being accused of espionage against the US.


The graphics of the Hacker Simulator are reminiscent of old computers running binary code. It also looks like the Matrix code screen with its unearthly green hue. Since most of the game is very text-heavy, the graphic design is pretty appropriate to the theme and gameplay. However, it can get tiring to look at since the color scheme is very highly saturated and has high contrast as well, making it painful to the eyes when playing for long periods of time. 

A Dive Into the Hacker World

If you want a little idea what it means to be a hacker then Hacker Simulator is a good title to try. Granted, it's very fictionalized, so it's far from a realistic portrayal of hacking. That said, if  the idea of hacking and hackers fascinate you, then Hacker Simulator is still worth checking out.