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Image Editor


Publisher Circular
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
License Free
Image Editor

LazPaint is a free and open-source image editing program developed by the user Circular along with others in the Lazarus community. LazPaint is written in the Free Pascal programming language with the Lazarus IDE, and it comes with basic editing features such as layer support and transparency.


Lazpaint is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. There is also a portable version for Windows that requires no installation. 

Lazpaint supports the OpenRaster file format that lets it export and process layered images. This allows file support for other image editing programs such as GIMP, Krita, and MyPaint. The Photoshop file format can be imported, but only as a flat image.


LazPaint has a simple interface. The Toolbox, Layers, and Colors windows can be docked and undocked to surround the canvas. Docking them, however, will result in an unpolished look and design. Having the windows docked will also keep the canvas maximized at all times.


This app has very basic features. As an editing app, the only advanced feature it has is transparency and layer support. LazPaint can import 3D models with the Wavefront Object file format, however. That said, the lack of brush customization, texture support, and powerful transform tools make the app a bit limited compared to other image editors.

Limited in Use

LazPaint would be too basic for professionals and unnecessarily inefficient for beginners. Transparency and layer support may be nice features to have, but the limited brushes and transform tools can be a bit restrictive. At the very least, LazPaint is a good showcase of the Lazarus IDE, Pascal language, and BGRABitmap graphics library.