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PC Screen Capture

Screenshot Tool


Publisher Pcscreencapture
Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7
License Free
Screenshot Tool

PC Screen Capture is a screenshot tool developed for Windows. Equipped with the most minimum features one could expect from a screenshot tool, PC Screen Capture’s greatest asset is its simplicity and user-friendliness. With PC Screen Capture, all it takes is one click to get the ideal screenshot.


PC Screen Capture is supported in every Windows OS. From Windows 98 all the way to Windows 10, users can be confident that this tool will work smoothly. No installation is required to use PC Screen Capture. Just download the file, run it, and start using PC Screen Capture instantly.

Limited Screenshot Options

PC Screen Capture only offers four screenshot options. Users can take a screenshot of their entire desktop, active window, a section of the screen, or a specific object like the Taskbar. The limited options available means while taking screenshots is extremely simple, users cannot customize the screen capturing process to their needs.


For users who need more options, PC Screen Capture does not fare as well as do its competitors. Jing, for example, lets users annotate screenshots without the need for an image editor. Another alternative, Greenshot, gives users the option to assign keyboard shortcuts to screenshot and set automatic saving for images.

Few Features, But Functional

All that said, PC Screen Capture will definitely get the job done. It may not be as customizable as other screenshot tools, but it definitely makes up for it by being extremely easy to use. Its no installation feature makes it portable—a massive point in its favor.