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UltraMixer Professional

A Powerful Audio Mixing Tool for DJs


Publisher UltraMixer
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
License Free
A Powerful Audio Mixing Tool for DJs

UltraMixer Professional is a music and audio editing app developed by onexip GmbH. With UltraMixer Professional, you will have more tools to become an amazing DF and bring sick beats to life. With its multi-functionality, Ultramixer Professional doesn’t limit itself to simple audio mixing. It also provides additional features that can take parties to the next level.

System Requirements

The basic UltraMixer software requires at least an Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and two sound cards. Windows devices require Vista or later OS while Mac OS X 10.8 is required for Mac users. To really make the most of UltraMixer, Intel i7 and 8 GB RAM is recommended, as well as a multi-channel sound card and a MIDI-Controller with a sound card. The Pro version would also require a graphics card, Nvidia GT 650M or ATI HD 4800 or higher.

DJ Features

UltraMixer Professional has high-quality and pristine audio output. It comes equipped with a 4-Deck Mode that allows users to mix up to 4 tracks. With its auto-sync feature, users can quickly mix audio with just one click. The auto-DJ feature, on the other hand, automatically adds transitions and normalizes loudness, creating hours of music without any hands-on mixing. UltraMixer Professional can support dozens of MIDI Controllers from any of the common manufacturers, and setting them up is as easy as plug ‘n’ play. UltraMixer also has additional features like a karaoke player, slideshow maker, live text feature, and more.

A Must-have for DJs

If you’re a DJ, investing on UltraMixer will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future. With its auto-sync and auto-DJ features, it’s actually doing your job for you.