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Keep Your Conversations Secure With Wickr


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Keep Your Conversations Secure With Wickr

With security leaks becoming more and more common these days, it’s no surprise that people are turning to communication apps that puts security above all other considerations. Wickr Messenger is one such communication app. Equipped with features that will prevent any of your data from leaking, Wickr Messenger is a top choice for anyone concerned with potential security breaches.


Originally released for iOS and Android, Wickr has since expanded to different platforms. It is now available for all of the major operating systems: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, and Linux.


Wickr Messenger is equipped with military-grade end-to-end encryption. None of your data or communication are stored in any cloud or server, making it harder for malicious entities from stealing and leaking your data.
One of its key features, however, is the content expiry date. Wickr Messenger works similarly to Snapchat in that all of the content you send in it will disappear forever at some point. You can set how long the content stays in Wickr Messenger, but it still has a limit of about a week. Of course, this ensures that no one can retrieve your content later on.

For Your Protection

If you need extra protection and security when communicating with others online then Wickr Messenger is an app to try out. With its high level of encryption and content expiration, Wickr Messenger ensures that everything you do on the app is completely private. And with its sync feature, you can use across all of your devices so you can stay protected all the time.